BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails : Wheelin’ with Pistons Wild

We have plenty of experience off-roading in stock trucks and SUVs from some of our favorite manufacturers. But that isn’t the type of off-roading that the folks at Pistons Wild Motorsports Club like to engage in. They take their “wheelin” seriously with heavily modified rigs climbing nearly any obstacle that their massive BFG tires can tackle. All forms of off-roading have one thing in common however, the need for good legal trails to run, so that drivers don’t resort to going rogue. That is why the folks at Pistons Wild and many other similar clubs across the country have dedicated their time and efforts to creating safe legal trails for off-road enthusiasts.

BFGoodrich recently invited us to Washington to check out one of Pistons Wild’s latest trails, a labor of love that they created on DNR property in the Yacolt Burn State Forest. Their efforts have been supported with grants from the BFGoodrich Tires Outstanding Trails program, which was established in 2006 to raise awareness for responsible use and preservation of off-road trails while providing support in the trails’ conservation efforts. Through 2016, the Outstanding Trails program has recognized over 40 off-road trails and clubs across North America and provided more than $150,000 in grants.

To be honest, we hadn’t put much thought into the trails that we’ve driven in the past, but we’ve always wished there were more places to go wheelin’ in our area. These folks don’t just wish, they go out and create. To ride newly cut trails with the people who put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating them gave us a new appreciation for the work that was involved. Not only did the folks at Pistons Wild create the trail that they proudly drove us on, they then passed us the keys to their own rigs, and let us drive them too. While we were impressed with the capabilities of their Jeeps, we were most impressed with the awesome trails they had sculpted by hand, which will soon be open for everyone to enjoy, not just members. Check out a few photos we captured during the inspiring day below :

For much more detail from our trail ride, check out this feature by Matthew Guy at : Trail Run: One Club’s Hard Work Goes a Long Way

Thanks to BFGoodrich for this inspirational experience, and their continued support of responsible off-roading. Thanks to Pistons Wild for dedicating amazing efforts to create something we can all enjoy, and for being such welcoming hosts.

Philip Van der Vossen

Philip Van der Vossen founded and hosts the Trail Trek Tour, a traveling series of off-road events for automotive media. In 2020 he launched the off-road travel site,, as the content focused side of TrailTrekTour LLC. Philip has been an online publisher since 2008, and has covered the automotive industry since 2010. Prior to founding Trail Trek Tour, he served for three years as the Rally Director for the Washington Automotive Press Association.

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