ESCORT MAX 3 Radar Detector : Advanced Road Trip Companion

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Due to the pandemic, we know many Americans are forgoing the airplane and instead opting for the Great American Road Trip to stay safe while traveling this summer. We like to be prepared when we travel, and one of our favorite companions for a road trip is Waze on our Apple Carplay. Not only does it give directions and re-route you around traffic, but it can also share crowd-sourced information about police and red light cameras. Waze is great (especially when we use the Cookie Monster voice), but it’s dependent on user reporting, which doesn’t tend to be 100% accurate. We find that a great way to complement Waze is with a trusty radar detector, and ESCORT makes some of the best on the market. Just like Waze and Carplay though, radar detectors have undergone some tremendous leaps forward in technology over the past decade.

ESCORT products like the MAX 3 (which we recently tested on a road trip) are true driver alert systems that go beyond radar and laser detection. They can alert you about red light cameras, speed cameras, and can even be connected to a smartphone app to provide shared community alerts. ESCORT is the leader in connected driver alert systems, and we’ve enjoyed using and reviewing their products in the past. 

About the ESCORT MAX 3

  1. Brand new from ESCORT, it sits below the MAX 360c and Redline 360c, but still has incredible performance.
  2. Premium detection range to make sure you can adjust your driving behavior accordingly when you’re alerted.
  3. Advanced false alert filtering means your ride will stay quiet unless there truly is an alert you need to be made aware of.
  4. Auto-learning intelligence continuously learn and remember to silence false signals.
  5. Intelligent speed sensitivity gives you greater sensitivity to signals when you need, like on the highway when you’re traveling faster than you would on local roads.
  6. The ESCORT driver community and Defender Database give you real-time and shared alerts from other sensors and drivers, including weekly updates of red light and speed camera locations

We probably don’t need to tell you, but moving violations suck. Not only do tickets cost you money up front, but they can add additional costs from possible insurance increases. Avoiding just one ticket can make up for the cost of the ESCORT MAX 3 alone, which makes it a no brainer during these times when local law enforcement are looking for any funding they can get. So if you want to drive with confidence this summer like us, you should really check out the MAX 3. Not only does it perform great, but it’s a competitively priced driver alert system that will level up your driving game. 

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