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The SureFire brand has been known and trusted by the men and women of law enforcement and the military for over three decades. They’ve built a legendary reputation by producing reliable and durable products that perform in life-saving situations. Now the folks at SureFire are bringing that same commitment to creating premium quality products for every day users and enthusiasts. They recently sent us their SureFire Sidkick ultra-compact triple-output keychain light, and we think it would make a tremendous gift for Father’s Day. To help convince you, we have a 50% off discount code for Gunaxin readers, and we’re even going to give away one to a lucky Gunaxin reader. Read on for more details of how you can win, or how to get that sweet discount.

The SureFire Sidekick isn’t some novelty toy flashlight that you see as an impulse buy in the grocery store checkout aisle. That’s for your grandmother who can never find anything in her purse, or needs to see the lock better to get into her house. Nope, this puppy is for men who love the outdoors, working on cars, walking the dog, or just need to light up the night with 300 Lumens of bright LED goodness.

Honestly, that level of brightness is overkill for most situations, but anything worth doing is worth overdoing for men like us. While it has three levels, we’re not going to lie, we always use it on full blast! To give you an idea of how bright the SureFire Sidekick is, check out this video below :

That video does a nice job of showing the capability of the Sidekick, and explaining some of the benefits. This thing is about six times brighter than the light on the back of your cellphone, and designed specifically as a flashlight, not some alternative use for a camera flash. The three levels of light produced by the Sidekick are 5 lumens, 60 lumens, and 300 lumens. You might think that the brightest setting would burn battery fairly quickly, but it’s still good for over an hour on a full charge. On the 5 lumens setting, you can operate the Sidekick for up to 45 hours, which is perfect for illumination inside a tent. The Sidekick doesn’t require you to constantly swap in new batteries though, as it’s a modern premium product that is rechargeable via USB. After some testing, you can see that we were able to recharge the SureFire Sidekick in our vehicle with ease :

At $79.99, honestly the SureFire Sidekick is a premium product, with a premium price. Most fathers are too busy to be messing around with junk anymore though. They want products that are reliable and do the job right. However most fathers aren’t likely to plunk down $79.99 for a keychain light, no matter how bad ass it is. That is why the SureFire Sidekick is the perfect gift, because it’s something that fathers need and want, but may not buy for themselves.

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